Personal Injury Lawyers – We Are Here To Help

Personal Injury Lawyers – We Are Here To Help

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We’re Here to Help – Carabin Shaw

Before You Speak to an Insurance Company

This may be the first time — and hopefully the last time — you will search for a personal injury attorney.

For you to be here, something serious must have happened in your life which has caused great disruption, pain, and anguish. This has likely spilled over to dramatically affect your family, as well.
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You have come to a great place designed for accident injury victims. I am a personal injury lawyer who is dedicated to helping my injured clients.

We’re confident you’ll find that we are different, and we’re confident you’ll like why.

Example: we do not accept a fee which is more than what you recover as compensation.

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At our Law Firm, we represent seriously injured clients with valid claims. Unlike many other law firms — which operate on volume, or quantity — we focus on quality.

Because we focus on a smaller number of quality clients who have important injury claims, we can provide each and every client with personal attention and service. Consider, that when you hire me as your personal injury lawyer and trial attorney:

I return your phone calls — promptly
I give you my cell phone to reach me after hours
I come to your home or hospital as needed
I keep you advised as to the status of the case
I keep you involved at every stage of the process
You don’t get lost in a volume law firm bureaucracy
See the other ways we work for you here:

An initial consultation is free. I also will personally and fully explain all fees and costs to you before proceeding. Together, as a team, we will decide on the tactics best suited or your case.


You, the consumer, have choices when it comes to legal services. When you and your family are facing a crisis, a serious personal injury or wrongful death which has changed the course your lives, what kind of advocate will you look for?

At our Law Firm, we don’t believe in business as usual. We only represent individuals and families who have been injured through the carelessness or wrongs of others. We take injury cases on contingency, which means you do not owe us a penny in fees if we don’t win your case. Simple, straightforward and we share in the risk (which also provides financial incentive above and beyond the moral incentive) to move your case forward to secure prompt and fair justice.

Quickly Moving Cases Forward

We also believe in moving cases forward and doing so fast. If a case won’t settle quickly or justly, or the insurance company delays or plays games, then with your permission we march ahead quickly to trial by jury. The fact is most cases do settle out of court, while others simply have to be tried and resolve by a jury.

We do not shy away from the courtroom. We have the experience, the skills, the drive, to win.

We Approach Cases Differently

I founded our Law Firm to do things differently. Not to take every case upon every perceived wrong, but to take on clients whom we believe in, move their case, their cause, as fast as possible, and fight to win through settlement or trial. We put the focus on the client, their needs, their values and allow those qualities to help guide us through our shared quest for justice.

Of course, we don’t always win. No one always wins in life or in the law. Taking on compelling, yet challenging, cases means that some will be lost. An old trial lawyer saying goes, “If you haven’t lost a trial, then you haven’t tried enough cases.” We can’t guarantee we’ll win your case. We can, however, promise personal attention, personal service, and the drive to win.

Contact Us Today
to Discuss Your Injury Claim

If you are seeking a driven injury law firm which puts your interests first in serious personal injury claims and wrongful death matters arising from car accidents, motorcycle accidents, trucking accidents, construction accidents, and similar negligence claims, then contact a trial attorney and accident lawyer at our Law Firm today for a free consultation.

I’m an experienced trial attorney who listens to your concerns and quickly identify how I might be able to solve your problems through the legal system.

I have personally handled a wide range of personal injury and wrongful death claims, including auto accidents, truck accidents, slip and fall accidents, motorcycle accidents, defective products, and more. These cases have involved serious or catastrophic personal injury. I have tried cases to juries, judges, and arbitrators throughout my career.

Check out a summary of my education, training, and experience here.

Delays Do Not Help!
Contact our Law Firm Now to Get Started

Call us to speak to an experienced, dedicated, and aggressive personal injury attorney right away.

While you could pick some random personal injury attorney from a TV ad, or a personal injury attorney lawyer from the phone book, or an accident lawyer from a bench ad on the side of the road, or a personal injury lawyer from the back of a bus, think about this: why would you want to?

Instead, consider what’s at stake. For personal attention, personal service, and your own personal attorney, contact our Law Firm today.
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